Our global delivery center (GDC) enhances our competitiveness.

Project 5
Case Study
Ian Wilkinson
Ian Wilkinson
Managing Director – Global Delivery Center

Project 5 seeks to create a company that leapfrogs the competition in the use of a global delivery center and applies digital technology to revolutionize the way we undertake and deliver our services.

The beneficial effects of this project are realized across all four business lines via the creation of a more competitive position with increased margins. This project comprises of three strategic horizons; firstly, to accelerate the transfer of work and activities to the India and China GDC locations, secondly to drive a greater level of standardization in the way we operate by simplifying our commercial processes, driving greater use of standard systems and configurations, and thirdly to develop an integrated and data-centric platform for delivering projects in the future. 

The first horizon meets the urgent need of customers seeking a step change in the cost of delivery of their projects. It also reflects the changing attitudes of our customers and their new found willingness to undertake significant proportions of their engineering and design work in remote sites. 

The second horizon further enhances our ability to utilize the capability of the GDC by building a standard set of tools, systems and work processes that provide the enabling common language required to connect the global operations of WorleyParsons. In this horizon we are creating a digital data centric platform that drives greater productivity and helps fully utilize the potential of our extensive capabilities and knowledge, thus maximizing the global strength of our business.

The third horizon requires a fundamental redesign of the means by which we have traditionally developed and delivered projects within the resources and energy sectors. Engineering and project management firms like WorleyParsons readily adopted computer aided design techniques through the 1980’s and 1990’s facilitating mega project delivery through the booming years of the last decade. We are now at the start of the next step change in project delivery.  How we maximize value from data and knowledge for our customers and how quickly we can respond to new data technologies and innovations lies at the heart of the challenge that Project 5 has been created to meet.