1.4 Significant Changes in Operation


WorleyParsons is a professional services provider to the resources, energy and industrial sectors.

On 24 October 2014, the Group acquired 100% of the voting shares of MTG Limited (MTG) and its controlled entities. MTG is a US based management consulting firm in the oil and gas, petrochemicals and chemicals industries with operations in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. The acquisition was made as a building block in the growth of Advisian, the Group’s advisory business. The Financial Report for FY2015 includes the results of MTG for the eight month period from the acquisition date. On 2 December 2014 the Group acquired 100% of the voting rights of Hadron Holdings Inc and its controlled entities comprising the Atlantic Nuclear business (ANI) which provides services to the Canadian nuclear industry and internationally where CANDU nuclear technology is used.