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Marian McLean
Marian McLean
Group Managing Director - Assurance and Development
Digital Enterprise

WorleyParsons has a long history of applying advanced data structuring and analytic techniques to solve customer problems. We believe that digital transformation will improve the capital efficiency and reduce operating costs of our customers’ assets. WorleyParsons Digital Enterprise was established in 2014 to combine our data-centric skills with the best software options from our partners to deliver unique data solutions to our customers.

We have been working with some of the world’s largest resources and energy customers to improve their data integrity, and from there, evolve into the development of intelligent and predictive digital assets that can be used to make informed business decisions, resulting from the clarity we can create from the amount of data that is being gathered.

Our extensive domain knowledge of customer assets helps us to cut through the complexity, address the core issues and deal with the technical uncertainty which cannot always be achieved by a general data and system integration approach.




One of WorleyParsons’ hallmarks has been its ability to develop innovative solutions to solve complex problems. To broaden the application of innovative thinking, the company launched a global innovation program late last year. The program is designed to further inspire and empower our people to think differently and deliver innovative solutions to our customers, our business and our industry and begin to address the impacts of unstoppable global trends.

The program harvests ideas from anywhere across the globe via an online idea incubator that captures and then facilitates idea development through collaboration and socialization. Seed funding can be sought for rapid prototype development and the idea owner receives sponsorship and mentoring within a totally transparent process.  Ideas can be anything from an internal process improvement to creating value through optimization, new services, new products or new business models. Since the program was launched, we have funded over 25 ideas.  

Our global reach and diversity are key to our programs’ success. We have created an innovation ecosystem that can tap into the talent of our people while collaborating with customers, partners, universities and research organizations from around the globe.

Innovative approach to monitoring environmental impacts

Our Marine Environmental Group used an innovative approach to gain a new market entry into Asia while at the same time dislodging a long term incumbent competitor. The group secured an eight year multi-million dollar contract to monitor the environmental impact of a major ports dredging program. Our approach was new, bringing together our experience in unmanned underwater monitoring, unmanned aerial survey vehicles, satellite imagery and automated data analysis and reporting. By challenging the status quo, we were able to deliver a safer and significantly cheaper solution for our new customer. 

INTECSEA dropped object simulation software

The accidental dropping of major items of equipment or material from an offshore facility can have catastrophic effects, potentially damaging subsea equipment and rupturing subsea pipelines. To reduce this risk, INTECSEA has developed a highly sophisticated dropped object simulation software which has proven to be highly accurate in predicting the trajectories and seabed impact zones for the most complex of objects. These simulations have led to a better understanding of risk and reduced the impact on customers in terms of reduced costs and fewer operational disruptions during lifts.